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Business of Aesthetics Podcast Show

Aug 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered why your marketing is not working despite the fact that you spend thousands of dollars on it?

In this podcast, Jeff Richmond interviews Naren Arulrajah, the Digital Marketing expert & CEO – Ekwa Marketing on ‘Adwords versus SEO’ to help master the most productive marketing technique for your Aesthetic Practice.

Listen to this episode and identify the loopholes in your marketing and learn insightful tips from our experts to correct the errors!

Key Discussion Points: 

  • What is SEO? 
  • When and how does SEO make sense?
  • Does AdWords still make sense?
  • ROI – Adwords versus SEO
  • Tell me more about SEO – what do I need to pay attention to succeed with SEO?
  • -NAP
  • -EAT
  • -Light House
  • -Back Links
  • -Original Content
  • -Data (Analytics)

Key highlights

  • What is Digital Marketing? 
  • How to influence your potential patient to choose you?
  • What are Cialdini Principles? 
  • Google and how it works? 
  • About Google search results
  • Adwords – When & Why?  
  • SEO – When & Why? 
  • About ROI
  • How to track ROI?
  • What are some of the metrics you need to check for your business on a regular basis? 
  • What are the core elements of SEO? 
  • What to expect from your SEO company? 
  • How to keep up with Google standards?

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