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Business of Aesthetics Podcast Show

Dec 17, 2020

In this week’s episode, Marcel Besse, Executive Director of Pro-Nox Aesthetics and President of Sterling Medical Group, shares some insightful lessons that will aid you in fine-tuning your practice. He introduces Pro-Nox: a device that has turned the world of business of Aesthetics upside down. He also explains how...

Dec 10, 2020

In this week’s episode, Dr. Lawrence Green shares how he is managing his business during the COVID -19 pandemic. He also talks about his experience in successfully handling the situation with a confirmed COVID -19 patient in his office.

Dec 3, 2020

In this week’s episode, Jeff and Dr. Philip Werschler discuss the power of group purchasing options, or GPOs. Dr. Werschler speaks on efficient practice management and the ins and outs of bulk purchasing through representatives whom you may or may not be able to trust.

Nov 19, 2020

In this week’s episode, Jeff, Naren and David Carraway discuss ethics and how ethics affect the world of aesthetics. David provides some insightful advice on good ethics and on how to build relationships with doctors.

Nov 12, 2020

In this week’s episode, Jeff and Naren discuss mindsets and why it’s so important to cultivate the right mindset in your team members. You’ll also learn how switching a patient’s mindset and then leveraging it can be crucial in your business.