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Business of Aesthetics Podcast Show

Aug 13, 2020

This week we have an insightful conversation between Jeff & Naren where they discuss about Selling vs Educating, and what every aesthetic practice owner should know about it. Jeff is an expert with over 2 decades of experience and is sharing with us on this episode how his knowledge and experience has helped his practice by helping the staff and team understand the mindset of the patients and helped his practice and hundreds of Doctors in offering more treatments and helped generate profits over the past years.

Key Discussion Points: 

  • 1. Validate patient choice
    • We’re happy you found us
  • 2. Understand Patient Need
    • We can help you with that
  • 3. Options / Solution- EDUCATE! don’t guess at wallet, don’t assume, give your patient the best option
  • 4. Decision- help the patient decide. 
    • Include: Prevention, Correction, Maintenance
  • Only have 1 opportunity to take a before picture – brag book
  • Specific training / future podcasts e.g. consults on Body Shaping without Body Shaming

Key highlights

  • Difference between Selling vs Educating
  • The Mindset
  • How to educate your patients and why? 
  • Challenges the Physicians face
  • Guessing vs Understanding a patient’s need
  • How to offer the best suitable treatment based on the patient’s need
  • Validate your patient’s choice
  • Reassure your patient that they made the right decision. 
  • Clearly understand what the patient wants from you. 
  • Ask questions to understand their issue clearly
  • How to present the options to your patient
  • Create a plan based on your knowledge & expertise
  • How to deal Young patients vs Older patients
  • Bonus Tips 
  • How to convince the patient to take Before pictures
  • Building your own Before & After image gallery brag book


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