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Business of Aesthetics Podcast Show

Jul 8, 2021

Technology & digitalization has made the Internet become an everyday necessity for us today. More importantly, it’s changed how patients look for an ideal practice to take care of their needs. Your website & your online presence today work 24/7 to help potential patients get to know you, then grow to like & trust you to choose you! It’s essential to ensure your website is properly maintained if you do not want to lose your potential patients. Maybe you have a separate person to take care of your website, but it hasn’t brought you any significant results. In this week’s episode, we have Naren Arulrajah, who’ll share insights on what you need to focus on to reach more potential clients, how to make full use of your website & troubleshoot why your website is not giving you the results you’ve expected even though you’ve invested time, money & effort on it. Naren has helped many healthcare professionals to build thriving practices through Digital Marketing. He’ll be unveiling essential tips on how to stay ahead of your competition!